Armorial History Framed - Heirloom

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  • Our best-selling Armorial in a 2" solid wood frame
  • Luxurious frame which accents the print perfectly
  • History of the surname, Coat of Arms, & Seal of Authenticity


This product is perfect for displaying your Coat of Arms and Surname History in your home. And with our new frame, it'll surely amaze you every time you pass by it.

The solid wood frame is our most luxurious frame yet. With shades of rich brown and gold, this frame is breathtaking encompassing your Armorial. 

The frame is 2" thick featuring an ornate golden design with brown hues around it. Despite the embellishment of this frame it's still fairly lightweight and includes hooks on the back for hanging. The Armorial is protected by acrylic to eliminate the risk of shattering during shipment.

What's included in an Armorial? 

  • Family Crest / Coat of Arms
  • Seal of Authenticity
  • Our bibliography printed on the back of the page
  • The ancient origin of the name
  • Spelling variations
  • Early movement of the surname during the Middle Ages
  • Noteworthy bearers from the 1500-1600s
  • First Settlers to North America 
  • Contemporary notable bearers of the name or variants 
  • Color watermark of the country of origin
  • A history that could be up to 1,800 words long 


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  • Size: 14.75" x 20.75" (37.5 cm x 53 cm)

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5.0 Average Rating

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