Framed Armorial History and Symbolism - Black

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  • Our most popular product, the Armorial, with a Symbolism
  • Learn what your Coat of Arms and Family Crest mean
  • Durable 1" solid wood black frame for the Armorial


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Our most popular product in a 12.5" x 18.5" black wood frame. Our Armorial depicts the earliest rendition of the Coat of Arms, Family Crest as well as the Surname History and Seal of Authenticity.

The modern sleek aesthetic of the black frame complements the Coat of Arms and adds a simple addition to the Armorial. 

This light-weight frame holds the Coat of Arms which is protected by acrylic, eliminating the risk of shattering during shipment. The frames are backed with a sheet with built-in wall hooks. 

This package also includes the symbolism of your family name.

Learn information about your Coat of Arms like the color gold, referred to as "or" in heraldic terms, was considered the noblest color. As well, it's one of the only two metals used in heraldry, it exceeds all others in value, purity, and finesse. 

See what's included with our Armorial here.


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  • Size: 12.5" x 18.5" (32 cm x 47 cm)

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5.0 Average Rating

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