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  • Introducing our newest and most complete history ever
  • NEW! Extended settler listings


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Introducing our most complete history ever! Included is the full history, a detailed bibliography unique to each Country, a comprehensive list of current notables, up to 10 pages of settlers covering a time period of 400 years, ranging up to 32 pages in length!

Haven't sold you? Here's exactly what's featured in this surname history:

  • Picture of the castle unique to your family’s ancestral region
  • Table of Contents including bookmarks for easy navigation
  • Bibliography of Sources specific to each country for further research
  • Full document keyword searching
  • Extended settler listings covering a time period of 400 years
  • Extended notable listings 
  • Extended analysis of the Coat of Arms Symbolism – now includes more meanings than ever before!
  • The ancient origin of the name (usually pre-1100)
  • Known spelling variations
  • Early movement of the family name during the Middle Ages
  • Noteworthy bearers from the 1500-1600's
  • First Settlers to North America and Oceania from 1700's
  • Notable contemporary bearers of the name
  • Unique Certificate number
  • Suggested Readings (if available)
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