Anniversary Plaque


Style: Print, Plaque, Tile


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  • Two Coats of Arms with an optional message 
  • Recessed in walnut finished plaque
  • Perfect for Weddings and Anniversaries


Luxurious walnut finished plaque with two Coats of Arms and an optional message below the two crests.

This is perfect for weddings and anniversaries. The walnut wood accents the Coats of Arms perfectly, and is protected by a sheet of acrylic (so you won't deal with shattered glass in shipment), and four brass studs add an antique effect to the product. 

When displayed proudly on your entranceway, family room, or den, this plaque will be the center of attention. The happy couple to receive this plaque as a wedding gift or anniversary will love the uniqueness of it and will definitely remember it. 


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  • Size: 10.5" x 13" (26.7 cm x 33 cm)

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