Double Coat of Arms Framed - Black

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  • Framed two Coat of Arms most commonly associated with the family's surname
  • 16" x 22" (41 cm x 56 cm)
  • Sleek, modern solid wood Black frame


The modern black solid 1" wood frame depicts the two renditions of the earliest Coat of Arms. The minimalist appearance of the black frame accents the Coat of Arms perfectly, drawing the viewer to the details of each crest. The Coat of Arms are protected by an acrylic sheet eliminating the risk of shattered glass in shipment. Hooks are already installed on the back for easy hanging.

The earliest rendition of the Coat of Arms once associated with a bearer of the surname. The two Coats of Arms are mounted in a custom black mat. When displayed proudly on your entranceway, family room or den, this frame will be the center of attention.

This product also makes for a wonderful gift for your loved one, or to a happy couple. 


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  • Size: 16" x 22" (41 cm x 56 cm)

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