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Frequently Asked Questions

: Who is "HouseofNames.com"?

: HouseofNames.com is an Internet property of Swyrich Corporation. This store markets carefully researched histories of surnames, and full color prints of coats of arms in various sizes and formats. Swyrich do all the historical research, and computer graphics work for these products in house. Each of our products is well recognized with the public as being of high quality. We stand behind our work, and all products are 100% guaranteed despite the fact that each order is custom made to the customer's wishes.

: How much does it cost to join?

: Nothing.

: How do I create 'referrer' links to House of Names.com?

: Choose one or more of the graphics from the list we offer you and place it on your site (we can even help you with that step if you want). Use the html code that we send you (it will be a simple A tag) to make the graphic into a referrer link that contains your affiliate information. You can also use this code to create text links anywhere you wish on your web page.

: What kind of revenues can I expect?

: This, of course depends entirely on traffic to your site and the location of our link. If you get little traffic and bury the link at the bottom of the page, commissions will be minimal.

: How often will I be paid?

: Payments will be made to all affiliates monthly for those affiliate who have exceeded the minimum payment of $25. Payment will be made by PayPal or checks will be mailed. If the total payable to you has not yet reached $25, that balance will be rolled forward to the next month.

: Will I still receive commission for returning visitors that did not use the affiliate link?

: Yes, you will still get commission for visitors returning to houseofnames.com for up to 90 days after their last visit without having to use your affiliate link again.