Frosted Glass Mug

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  • Your Coat of Arms on both sides of the Frosted Glass Mug
  • Holds 10 oz so there are fewer trips to the coffee pot 
  • Why drink out of an ordinary mug?


A frosted mug!? This mug is the happy medium between our classic Ceramic Mug and our adventurous Clear Glass Mug. Both sides will have your Coat of Arms displayed on it. Your drink will taste that much better when it comes from this mug. 

  • Coat of Arms on each side allows for Left or Right handed drinking.
  • 10 oz (296 ml).
  • This mug is a little delicate, please hand wash. 

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Please note, due to the material of this mug the colors of the Coat of Arms may appear slightly faded. 


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  • Size: 11 oz

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4.7 Average Rating

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